Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Alter Egos of Jow Lindsay and Julian Fox

I saw Jow Lindsay at the Veer Books readings that took place at the Small Publishers Fair last weekend, though his was less a reading, more a deranged character solo; a kind of Yosemite Sam gone Ginsberg, high fiving and whooping his way through a love poem LOUDLY dedicated to someone sitting in the audience. I couldn't work out if his stuff is devised as pure performance or if he is trying to reproduce his writing style using his whole body, and the poem got a bit lost in the excitement of it all, but I'd definitely like to see him and his alter ego again.

On the other side of the coin, and the other side of town, I saw a 'scratch' performance of a piece that Julian Fox is working on with Patrizia Paolina. Fox is apparently always himself, as he showed when playing different characters, each one 'written' by the last. Donning different wigs without so much as a nod or a wink towards a different speech pattern or a way of gesturing specific to another character, he showed us that everyone is kind of the same. Patrizia Paolina is kind of the same as Julian Fox, for example, just more prone to swearing and talking in different languages. The moments they interacted, such as the comtemporary dance between a boring designer and his new wife that revealed the meaninglessness of their existence, and the death song duet for accordian and trumpet that revealed, well, the meaningless of their existence, those moments were thoroughly sublime.

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